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through these veins the wolfblood flows

Seasons--Summer--Adirondack Chairs
NetGalley just got so much easier to use. I'd emailed them a few months ago asking if it would ever be possible to search books on my lists; they said that feature was coming in 2015. It's here today! Now I won't procrastinate so much on writing up book reviews because it's a pain to read through each page in order to find the book I want.

I've been watching WolfBlood (CBBC) on Netflix. It's really cute and has some great serious moments. Maddy is great, so are Shannon and Tom. (And, I suppose, Rhydian.) Maddy's a teen werewolf living on the land her pack--now her and her parents alone--have lived on for decades, Shannon and Tom are her best human friends, and Rhydian is a wild wolfblood who shows up in her territory. There's much less teen werewolves in love than you'd find on U.S. TV, and much more wolves dealing with possible exposure, and a lot of different people learning to work together. [Wolfblood on Wikipedia]

Has anyone been watching Ascension on SyFy? I'm recording it and will likely marathon it soon. The commercials have been giving me a BSG vibe, which is not a bad thing.


Seasons--Summer--Adirondack Chairs
Academics on Facebook pondering about how exciting and interesting it would be to write something about racism in ST:TNG S01E03 "Code of Honor."


Yes, I did tell the academic I know best that this has been done and done and done by fandom.

blech and also not blech

Seasons--Summer--Adirondack Chairs
I had the most wonderful massage yesterday afternoon. My masseuse is learning reflexology and she asked if she could do it on me. We'd talked about it before, so she knew I was into it.

Unfortunately, I got home from it, and within half an hour was having the worst MS Hug. It lasted for 18 hours when all was said and done and nothing would make it stop. It was not good.

I'm so out of it today. Pain and meds hangover. So right now it's me, coffee, and Pretty Little Liars.

Dec. 6th, 2014

Seasons--Summer--Adirondack Chairs
My fandom_stocking is here if you'd like to gift anything to me

spoons and the lack thereof

Seasons--Summer--Adirondack Chairs
Something is going on with me. I'm hot all the time. Not hot like "oh, gosh, it's warm" but hot as in my MS has screwed with my ability to regulate my temperature. Sometimes I get so overheated (while it's cold outside, while my house temperature is set at 62F) that it triggers symptoms. Mostly it's under control. Or it has been. Acupuncture has really been helping with it, up until this last week and a half. But now it's awful and it's triggering symptoms. Thanksgiving was so hard to get through (but it was great, so there's that). I can't figure out what's going on. I'm watching it, trying to figure out if this is a pseudo-exacerbation triggered by something (what I don't know) or if it's actual new damage/lesions and I need to get an MRI. Another week and this goes to the hands of my Neuro.

This is also my way of saying I really want to comment on all of your posts but I have no spoons at all with which to do that. So, here, have some hugs and some affection and some well wishes.

oh, bite me

Seasons--Summer--Adirondack Chairs
I had a dream where a hotel I checked into took the books from my luggage and loaned them out to other guests (as was their practice) and would not return them to me when I wanted to check out early. I woke up from this dream in an absolutely foul mood. Take my books, will you!

Finally called my doctor back to get her message that my blood sugar was high and she wanted me to double my metformin. Since this summer the clinical pharmacologist had me double just one dosage of it and I ended up dizzy and nearly passing out I think that's a horrid idea. Probably what I should do is cut out the soda that's snuck back into my life. (Got the numbers last week--already on it.) Also probably what the lab should do is not say those were fasting numbers when I told them I had not fasted. In other words, I am sick of doctors right now and no longer want to deal. Just move up my clinical pharma appointment if this is a drama and then shut up.

Gods, I am just a bitch today. A cold has settled in my chest so I'm wheezing and coughing and I'm just plain angry. Grrr. GRRR.

me in paragraphs

Seasons--Summer--Adirondack Chairs
Z Nation
The Husband gave up on it which means I can finally catch up on the many episodes that were filling the DVR. I am very invested in Citizen Z's dog (I have named it Doge) and I'm fascinated by Murphy. I really got a kick out of The FUBAR episode--that sort of cheesey, goofy, post-apocalyptic setting is right up my alley. Sometimes I need some humor with my zombies.

I'm sick. Fatigue is out of control--20 hours of sleep a day--and today I had a fever. I may be getting over it, so that would be nice. I have to remember this is a symptom of mine and I just have to deal with it.

Massage & Acupuncture
I had both this week. I was so loose going into acupuncture that I ended up even more blissed out at the end. My acupuncturist told me two weeks ago she was pregnant and this week had an ultrasound picture of her daughter to show me!

Socially Awkward Rob Lowe
I like my acupuncturist. We chat a lot. We get into deep talks, too, then have to stop so I can actually have an appointment. I am the worst at making friends but two weeks ago I finally blurted out "we should get a coffee or something and chat sometime" and she said that was a good idea so hopefully I'm now less awkward and on my way to making a friend? Seriously, I am this bad at it. Mostly, people just tell me I'm their friend. That's exactly what Adair and Simona did. My masseuse and I just discovered we have tons and tons in common, too, so maybe I should try the friend thing with her? (so awkward, just so awkward)

Gift Giving Holidays
My Aunt is asking me what I want for Christmas and before I linked her to my amazon wishlist I took a look at it to make sure it was up to date. It is, it's just pretty empty. The older I get, the less I seem to want. I either buy it for myself or it's just not important. Mostly these days I'm like "give me gift certificates?" Seriously, I'm sick, I don't do much, I could use some new underwear?

OMGTHEREISSOMUCHTOREADINTHISWORLD. I am way behind on m reviews, though I am slowly catching up. I want to do that before year-end so I don't go into 2015 feeling behind. Also it is the time of the year for me to start reading goofy holiday romances so I'm very sorry to those of you who don't like them but who follow me on Goodreads.

tv thoughts

Seasons--Summer--Adirondack Chairs
Robin Lord Taylor is awesome as the Penguin on Gotham. I really like what he's doing with the character.

Slight Gotham spoiler for something Harvey Bullock said.Collapse )

Sleepy Hollow remains just as cheesy as I want it to be. Hearts and glitter all over it.

Black-ish is hilarious. I especially like Tracey Ellis Ross as Rainbow. Plus the twins are cute as hell.

This past week's Constantine hit one of my pet relationship tropes hard. I'm in.

Jane the Virgin is my surprise show of the season. I adore it.

Instead of watching Arrow I'm pretty much watching the Thea and Felicity show. I love Green Arrow in almost all things, but not here.


Seasons--Summer--Adirondack Chairs
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