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Seasons--Summer--Adirondack Chairs
A little bit of a ramble about fridging and gender roles in media, and flipping the tropes or making new.

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Aug. 18th, 2014

Seasons--Summer--Adirondack Chairs
I am so pissed. I have stopped shaking but I am still so very angry.

I suspected a cousin of mine--a police dispatcher--had deleted something I posted to her debunking the "Mike Brown grabbed the gun" lies. I wasn't sure if it just hadn't posted from my phone, so I asked her. She did, she says because her son is a police officer, her friends are, she works with them. (For those who don't know, my father (step, but I don't say that) is a retired police officer. I was raised by and with cops. As I said to her, do not presume to tell me about police officers.) We argued a slight bit, I said I was unfriending. So done and over, right? Nope, the hit and run. Bitch says "btw, your FATHER was not a police officer" and unfriends before I can tell her where to go.


My father, the father who raised me, who supported me, who was there when the other couldn't be or wouldn't be, was damn well a cop. Yep, that cop, that's my father. Don't you dare insult him and say he wasn't or isn't.

So if you're on my FB and saw my out of character rant, that's what it was about.

(I called my parents to rant. My Dad laughed his ass off when he called my Mom to the phone. "She's really pissed." He got to hear all my four letter words.)


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Seasons--Summer--Adirondack Chairs
Ask me about a 'favourite thing' - it can be as broad (my favourite album) or as specific (my favourite example of a certain type of pairing) as you like - and I will try to answer in the comments.


trying to sort it out

Seasons--Summer--Adirondack Chairs
Time to get it all out and clear my head.

I am feeling much better today, physically at least. And that's good. I had a great acupuncture session, better than my norm. I also chatted with my acupuncturist about having patience while transitioning meds and about what she might be able to do to help me.

[This is a worry. Since I stopped the gabapentin, my Post-Herpetic Neuralgia has been flaring up. Often. Every other day. Most times it stays relatively mild, but there have been two times--in a week and a half--where I've had to use lidoderm patches. I don't want to go back to that pain but I also don't want to go back on gabapentin.]

So patience is a thing for me these days. A thing I need and am struggling with.

Many of you know what depression feels like, and that's where I am right now. Trapped in amber. Which is a romantic notion when you imagine the beauty and history of certain things that are trapped that way, but I do feel as if there is a barrier between me and anything else. I know this depressive episode is reactive, it's obvious this stems from my current MS issues, and I will be patient and kind to myself.

I second that emotion.

Seasons--Summer--Adirondack Chairs
I'm going through a depressive episode which is pretty much standard for MS. Every now and again I get overwhelmed by how much MS has torn up my life and this is one of those times. I'll get past it, but for now I'm treating it with television.

Also, wow, who realized she forgot to put her Vitamins D and B12 into her medicine case and therefore didn't take any last week? Yep. That would explain why I was so damn exhausted. Today, because I was lazy, instead of refilling my meds I grabbed from my emergency purse supply (in case I have to spend the night somewhere) and when I saw the vitamins I realized what a dipshit I was. There's a service that will get your prescriptions and OTC meds for you and package them up so all you have to do is tear a packet off a roll and get your morning/evening dose, and I'm wondering if I need to do that. It costs but, IDK, it might be worth it.

I really enjoy Royal Pains. it doesn't require a lot of thought and it is pretty. Boy oh boy, is it pretty. It's also a found family show, which I love. But every time I watch it, I wish real-life medical procedures were as simple as they are for HankMed. I'd love to get an MRI without having to put on the head cage. And a lumbar puncture that causes no discomfort and is so safe it can be done on the floor of your home? Sign me up. (Also, OMG, OH MY SOCK, is on this episode!)

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teen wolf overload

Seasons--Summer--Adirondack Chairs
Much like in Sims3, my mini-garden is wilting from neglect. I am a terrible person. Some of the plants and herbs are living off the frequent rain we get (and my infrequent waterings) and some others have died. May the odds be ever in your favor, garden plants.

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I'm a mystery.

Seasons--Summer--Adirondack Chairs
The Husband has been on vacation for the past two weeks--starting during Readercon--so that's why I've been scarce. We've been doing fun things (MFA, Pirate Faire, Salem Unity Fest, good dinners, Maine, I forget whatever else) and I'll probably talk about it later. Tomorrow we're off to the annual car show (Concourse d'Elegance at Endicott College's Misselwood) and then on Monday I get my house and life back.

Don't get me wrong, I had a great time on vacation. But I have a certain schedule and way of doing things that's been years in the making and he completely disrupts it when he's home. So Monday I rest, recover, and recoup; then on Tuesday I have a lunch date, a massage; Wed is acupuncture; and Thurs is a Neuro appointment; taking me up to Friday when once again I get a day to myself.

I may or may not spend a great portion of Monday sleeping. Probably not because I have so many errands to catch up with. Or probably may because I'll crash.

Yep, the cog fog is setting in. See you all next week. Or the week after.
Seasons--Summer--Adirondack Chairs
I think I smell skunk. The other day I saw a skunk sauntering through my backyard and The Husband made me just go to the movies and ignore it. Now I fear it's moved in and is living in my screen house, sleeping on my gravity chair. Or it totally got hit by a car near my house and will smell forever.

It is my cousin's birthday today. We are 45 and I still call her "Joycie." Because family is weird and awesome and you never escape who you were as a kid and at some times with some people that's a good thing.

Ugh, Facebook Person, please stop "explaining" because all you are explaining is that you have racist thoughts and feelings and that is not helping your cause as much as you seem to think.

So fatigued this week, so much pain. It's making me crankier than cranky. All I want to do right now is read, Sim, and eat pizza. So I shall.


Seasons--Summer--Adirondack Chairs
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